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This is my first Blog!

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Welcome to Reza Malekan’s Site.

Here is officially my first article to publish on my website. You may probably find out who I am or my purpose through my website. But again, I need to introduce myself and tell you why I started running a personal site. So I’m glad you are staying with me. Welcome to my life!

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Do not read my content if …

Before I start, I would like to say who my audience is not at all! Of course, you heard right! Do not waste your time reading my articles if:

• If you do not have a good relationship with reading stories.

• If you are skeptical and think this world is full of lies.

• If you hear something, it matters more to you who says it rather than what has been said! (At least this post of mine is not helpful to you, maybe it’s better to follow the other posts.) I was born in Tehran, Iran. Since I do not have a memory from my childhood to share, let’s jump the film to the more exciting parts.

What did I do?

I studied civil engineering in Iran at Golestan University in Golestan and Shahid Rajaei University in Tehran. I completed my bachelor’s degree and received my master’s degree from the University of Guilan in the unique and green city of Rasht. I have many good memories of Rasht in Guilan, and it is one of the most beloved cities I know. (If you plan to travel to Iran, I will be happy to guide you to make the most enjoyable of this trip. have a call with me.)

I continued to work in a structural design and optimization company, but my job was not structural design! I started my professional career with an almost small start-up that designed and optimized structures in Iran. I will talk about this construction industry later, but what changed me the most was getting to know the digital marketing space and topics related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its world.

For those of you, who are currently looking for a job, My advice is to try many things. At the company I worked for, I worked in various positions, from cold calling to providing content for social media goals, designing UI / UX, providing sales reports, developing WordPress websites, and even market research in international size. I have done many things to find out what I want and what my passion is? I can tell you I may not find my love, but I figured out what I do not like! And the path is to continue.

Those scope of work gradually turned me into skills toolbox that provided me with relative knowledge of various subjects from every spectrum, and I love that!

What is going on in here?

I don’t know you, but I am always a leader in my mind, a commander (not in war, of course) in business! It seems that something will happen in the future that I am an essential part of this adventure. Although I do not know anything about the future, I always have this feeling. During my undergraduate and graduate years, I did great things alongside my studies, many of which were related to teamwork and group achievement. I will put parts of them on the site whenever I have the opportunity. The impact of those things on my studies has always been there! So I have to say that I was never the most brilliant student or top score, but I was always the one who wanted more than just a typical routine of education life.

Business dream

My first professional experience in the business world started when I listened to the Alibaba founder’s advice. I went to start-up companies that have good bosses and managers. I got hired by the company with an exciting team and gained experience working in a young and fledgling team with high potential. I am still a young employee! The one who is always brave in making crucial decisions, the one who is hungry to learn more! But courage is not always something that business executives like.

Courage without knowledge finds another definition: “stupidity”! There is a big difference between someone who wants to do something and knows that he does not have the knowledge or ability and someone who starts a job without having the necessary expertise. I said this to address the issue of personal promotion.

You are not good enough!

Whatever you do, in whatever you are good at, there are always people who will tell you that you are not enough, even if they do not say it directly, they will confront you with a kind of reality that you realize:

“you are not good enough.”

I do not know how accurate this view is, but the important thing I want to say is to work on yourself! And don’t bother yourself with the cost of that improvement. Just do it as I do!

When I entered the job market, I realized that I was not good enough, so I started studying anything that could help me, not to design a business, but to know the rules of the game. Understand business. Understand how many people start a business without having the minor things, while many others have a successful business despite their great wealth! How does this game run?

I love board games. In all these games, the common element is the game’s rules. You can play when you know the laws of the game. Learning the world of work for me continues. It seems that this game has a lot of rules that change every time. I am still studying and promoting myself.

The problem of Iran and immigration

The dream of emigrating is always in my head and my likes in Iran. Iran is a particular country. You have to be born there to realize how different the world can be. In third-world countries like Iran, it never matters what you do. It always happens to you that extra-controlling forces or out-of-control events happen that you can not count on anything, no matter how powerful you are.

I know a professor at the Iran University of Science and Technology who lectured at an event and said Iran’s biggest problem is:

“lack of discipline!”

Nothing is in its place. In such a system, observance of “order” is also a disorder! Rules change and many overnight changes do not allow you to do much. I will cut the conversation short. After two years of working in Iran, things happened to me, and I decided to immigrate to Turkey. And here, a new life began for me again. Although I never wanted this to happen, and I did not consider Turkey a suitable country for immigration, life is not going well as you wish. So I came to Turkey and entered a bigger game.

Today, as I write this article, we are in January 2022. I will update this article in the future. Thanks for reading my first blog! Glad you followed me here.

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