Hi, I'M Reza Malekan

Digital Marketer, SEO expert, Civil Engineer


About Me

I’m a structural engineer with an interest in digital marketing and search engine optimization. I have worked in many fields, from cold calling to content providing, video editing, and even website development. My hunger for knowing more may never end. I find myself brave enough to be hungry and stupid! Welcome to my website.


Click here to see some of my previous web design work. In these projects, I was responsible for creating UI and some responsible for UX, and some both.


Creating video content contains several steps, from story creation to final editing for social media or your website can be done with me alone. you can count on me ­čÖé


I'm not a photographer but I have the skills to work with photoshop for editing and creating posters and necessary staff. I put some of my photos here. click to see.

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The Ux/UI design of a webpage is important to the customer. Not for looking to be professional but also for giving a better user experience. have contact with me.


No matter how hard you try to having a good web design if google's robots don't understand anything about your content! That's where my SEO skills come forward!


It's not that easy to just sell your product on the internet, you need to set so many things, understand the visitor behavior and play your best card! I can help you.


I can offer a variety of ways to have better security for your website. although everyone can handle this part, sometimes things can go wrong.

Content Creation

I can bearly say that, content marketing and especially video providing can be very challenging. Put this work on shoulder of person who knows how to do it.

Link Building

Nowadays there are so many ways to increase your marketing strategy by spending money on advertising. link building can be a great solution for this task. count on it.

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I want to talk about this day. After so many days that I tried so ...
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This is my first Blog!

Welcome to Reza Malekan’s Site Here is officially my first article to publish on my ...

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